PDX Rambles > Tryon Creek State Park

by Rainbow Bobbins

Saturday was wet and cold. My day was packed with work, checking out houses and a Tao of Manson party but I felt a strong need to get some sort of hike in. Tryon Creek State Park – located just south of Portland – seemed a like a good bet: it is a short drive from home, I’ve never been there before and it is more of a stroll through the woods rather than a time-intensive hike. CharChar joined. It turned out to be a sweet spot with some fun mushroom hunting. Good place to trail jog if you are into such things.

Tryon Creek

Big 'ol leaf. Once I asked Char to hold a leaf up for me to photograph and it happened to have a giant spider on it. Now I have to hold my own leaves.

These were covering a fallen tree

Tiny white mushrooms on the side of a tree covered with moss. Smaller than your pinky nail

Smurf village? Hiding under a leaf

A very stately sort of shroom