Turkey Week Travels > Day One > Ashland, OR

by Rainbow Bobbins

Road trip time. Destination = Turkey. CP and I loaded up the car and headed for California’s Central Valley. We left the Saturday before Thanksgiving and made our way down the I-5 in a flock of Ducks fans.

In the flock of fans heading south

We stopped in Ashland, OR to rest for the night. This town is cute. I’ve been wanting to visit here for the Shakespeare festival for years…unfortunately, the festival had just wrapped for the year. We had a nice dinner  at Standing Stone then chose to go to a nice pub (?) with a fire place to watch the Ducks v. USC on. Apparently the crowd was more Thea-A-ter oriented aka cultured or something because I was the only one watching the game and jumping up to yell go Go GOOOO!! And generally making an ass out of myself. When the Ducks lost a few people said ‘awww’. We stayed at the cute and affordable Columbia Inn which is right in the heart of the Festival area from what I understand. I plan to stay there next time I’m in town to see plays. Also, next time I plan to stop into the Caldera Taproom. I like their beers. So much to do here I wish we had more time. CP called it the Jackson Hole of Oregon minus the skiing plus the Bard.