Turkey Week Travels > Day Three & Four> San Francisco

by Rainbow Bobbins

Cuties at Breakfast

By Day Three and Four we ramped up our eating in an effort, I guess, to prepare for Thanksgiving. We woke up early to have breakfast at Awful Annies with the family before hitting the road to San Francisco.

Greg and Michelle - Sweeties!

Mindy kindly put us up at her flat above Maxfields and we revisited some of our favorite old haunts including beers at Zeitgeist and a soooo good dinner at Puerto Alegre. Oh my, I forgot how GOOD Mexican food can be. We went a little overboard at the 500 Club and took some fun pics in the photobooth. The next morning Simon joined us for leisurely breakfast at Boogaloos (polenta and eggs rock). Gosh, we pretty much just ate our way around town ‘cause the next stop was to visit Jana at Cheese Plus in Nob Hill. Jana is a badass cheese monger who has won competitions at the American Cheese Society and has competed at the Cheesemonger Invitational. The chick knows cheese. From there we went out to Ocean Beach to laze in the sun and watch it set. We met up with Liz and Winnie in the inner Sunset for Nan and Curry and spent a relaxing night back at Mindys. Next morning we saw Amanda for coffee then hit the road for FRESNO. Lovely to see our friends. I miss them.

CharChar levitation ritual at Ocean Beach