Turkey Week Travels > Day Two > Ashland, OR to Lincoln, CA

by Rainbow Bobbins

We awoke to a crisp sunny morning in Ashland, OR and headed to Morning Glory for breakfast. This place has some serious breakfast going on. You get muffins with every meal and they are GOOD! Dark, thick coffee. Breakfast served on multiple plates. I like.

Waiting for breakfast outside Morning Glory

Inside Morning Glory. Fun murals, good coffee, great muffins

After breakfast it was back on the 1-5, past Mt. Shasta and onwards towards the north end of California’s Central Valley. We elected to take the 99S which takes you through some lovely farm country.

Sun!! Its like spotting a sasquatch in northern Oregon's winter

Hello Mt. Shasta

We arrived at CP’s brother’s house and got to shake the baby. They have the cutest little girl. It was so fun to see the family.

Our favorite little monkey

Day one: PDX to Ashland, OR