Turkey Week Travels > Turkey Day

by Rainbow Bobbins

On Thanksgiving morning me, Charles, Liz, Mark, Courtney and Vanessa did something we don’t do too often: wake up early and go for a jog. The Fresno Turkey Trot raises some dough for hungry families and my friends indulged me in thinking it would be a nice way to start the day. Of course Mark who is not a runner whatsoever beat all of us out of a sheer need to have it all done with. Nice work.

At the Turkey Trot

Post race Bloodies with my buddies

Later we tucked into some smoked Turkey with the family and all the fix’ns.

Jon and Shani waiting on some turkey

Good looking ladies in my family: Grandma and Jackie

Ma made cranberry salad - pretty

And out of tradition Allison, Symphony, Liz, Mark, Jackie, Brian, Charles, Brian, Courtney and Vanessa all gathered at Livingstones for drinks that night.

Allison, Symphony, Liz at Stone's