Knorq’s Kitchen > 200th Post!

by Rainbow Bobbins

Wow. This is my 200th post. This blog is much neglected but I’ve come to appreciate it as a sort of sporadic life album. It doesn’t get much foot traffic by design but it was fun to check out some of the numbers:

200 – Posts in total
5 – Years old in January
22,313 – Blog views in total
94 – Blog views on my busiest day
1809 – Number of times the search term “square foot garden” has directed people to this blog
71 – Comments (non spam) in total
5 – top picks for best search terms that have landed people on this blog: Bunny Mouth; Snow Pig; Two Headed Alligator; Grandma Candy; Flip Flop Fetish

There you have it. It’s only up from here.