Frugal February

by Rainbow Bobbins

Clay is cheap

My Kenny Bloggins have slowed since I have declared this month Frugal February and have started hoarding my ‘disposable’ income in favor of savings and paying off debt – how 1930s. Elaborate Excel spreadsheets, Suze Orman and webtools like have helped track expenses/spending/financial life. In order to save I have cut back on road trips; new and needed electronics;  have NOT replaced work clothes that have holes in them; and cooking nearly everything at home. To distract myself from spending I have been doing things like cleaning my house: a “merge purge” in preparation of cohabitation and exercising. Oh ya, and making more masks. Geez. I’m going a little stir crazy but road trips are not in the budget. Instead, I have put together a Frugal February Fantasy Road Trip Itineraries (to be included in future post) to get me through to Miser March. Any money saving suggestions out there?

Who needs sushi or a working computer when you have masks to make? Check out this big cheek freak. I'm still working on pretty.