Quilt Project > Progress!

by Rainbow Bobbins

Quite a while back I started in on a quilt for someone small who will be adult by the time I finish. I did make some progress last week. Last I left off with hand dying all the fabric with Rit Dye and fabric paint. Here’s how it is progressing:

Rainbow of hand dyed fabric with Brian Wildsmith inspiration picture

I didn't have much control over the application of the colors. I want to experiment with this.

I created this very simple pattern with card stock from SCRAP

Added fusible interface and cut the 'leaves' out - they look more like Easter eggs

Here is the quilt with the components laid out (minus the trunk which is a design in progress)

Eventually everything will be stitched down with a variety of threads

The whole project was crumpled into a ball during a mad dash house cleaning in anticipation of house guests. I’ll pull it back out in a couple of months. 🙂