Road Trip > Bend, OR

by Rainbow Bobbins

Charles and I headed to Bend, Oregon to hang out with family and meet my favorite new little bundle, Tyson. We spent a day at Fort Rock outside of Bend hiking around, drinking beers and bbqing in the sun. Lovely day. Fort Rock is an old volcano and is a lot of fun to climb around on.

Tyson, 2 months, goes on his first mountain climbing expedition. Cute family

The gang: Char, Jon, Shani, Heidi, Jess ready to roam around Fort Rock in the central Oregon desert

It was a warm day for a black poodle -- Brogie took breaks in patches of snow. I was lov'n the sun!!

Cool dessert desert (whoops, I always make that typo. I don't want to eat it after dinner) plant that I thought was snow at first. Soft looking but stiff to the touch - like baked meringue

Cougar paw print at the top rim of the caldera

View from the top looking into the crater