March Happenings

by Rainbow Bobbins

Holy….moley. April already? After the trip to Bend, I got a little holed up with the cold and rain but the flowers and sun are slllooowly starting to emerge and road trips are in the works.  So what happened in March…I wrapped up my ceramics class with a couple of nice mask creations (photos forthcoming). We went to see the Blazers, got snowed on just a bit, Farmers Market started back up, I ran the Shamrock Run, we ate vegan for 5 days. I now have a television located across from a couch in the living room so I watched Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Game of Thrones and other goods from the magic box. Time waster…but seductive. this part of the game with the inflatable car and the dancing girls.

Snowman in the 'hood. Long gone now.

Some yums from opening day of Portland Farmers' Market at PSU

Fruit blooms on the west side waterfront