National Walk to Work Day > Get your sneakers!

by Rainbow Bobbins

Today is National Walk to Work Day. I took the bait and woke up at 6:00am to put on my sneakers, workout pants, fleece and reflective, white safety walking jacket to make the 6 mile trek to work. Charles, who does not like to walk, joined me for the first leg to the coffee shop. What a sweetie. Here is a breakdown of the journey.

6:20am – leave house


6:40 am - Mile 0.8: Motivasi Coffee for fuel. This is where Charles and I parted ways.

7:02am: On NE Alberta headed west. Trash man out and few delivery guys.

7:07am - Mile 1.9: Stop to admire junk robot beef

7:30am - Mile 2.5: Pit stop for crumpet breakfast sandwich fuel at Helser's. $4.95 early bird breakfast at the bar with paper. Good times.

7:48am - Mile 3.2: Visit to the little people under the Camellia bush in the Irvington Neighborhood

8:30am - Mile 5.5: East side waterfront, near the Steele Bridge. I skip the MAX and start hustling...almost running late but the office is near.

8:35am - Mile 5.6: Aha! I see my office now, just across the bridge.

8:41am - Mile 5.9: West side waterfront. And last monument before I put on my business face and get to work.