The Mask Report

by Rainbow Bobbins

This just in…Masks completed in February¬† hung in April. Bacon Bowl filled with succulents. For more on these developments I turn to point and shoot:

Eyeballz, completed in my community college ceramics class March 2012. Future Antiques Road Show goldmine, I'm sure. Installed: Hallway next to bathroom

Baby face: Unfortunate lesson in clear glaze technique. Baby face looked much creepier pre-glaze. Installed: With Eyeballz Hallway next to Bathroom.

DayoDead: Ended up painting on Engobe with underglaze...carving would have been way cooler. Installed: Living room. Click pic to see face "before" with wet engobe and no paint

Living room mask menagerie - Work in Progress (BTW - the cool one in the center I did not make that is from 3sevens who has a shop at Etsy)

Bacon Bowl - now a planter with succulents. Mixed two different clay bodies - it was supposed to look cool. It looks like bacon. Squiggly shapes below are prototypes for a mobile I'm working on.

Won’t give up day job.