Let the road trips begin!! > Silver Falls, OR > Day One

by Rainbow Bobbins

This trip kicks off Summer Road Trip > 2012 and we could not have picked a better weekend. The sun came out and it almost reached 80 degrees. Come first sun in PacificNW the reflection off the mass of pale pasty legs can sear the neurons out of your retinas. We took protective gear (sunscreen and sunglasses) and headed south for a weekend in the Silver Falls area. We made our way to the  Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm but decided we were not in the mood for crowds and instead made our way to Mt. Angel Abbey. Last time I was there I saw the Old Believer Museum (very highly recommended) but missed the Abbey’s museum with hunting trophies hairballs and cows with parasitic twins and the lovely modernist library designed by Alvar Aalto in 1970.  This trip covered the spots I missed.

These are boar Bezoars - Pigs can't digest hair so it sits in their intestines and some sort of mucus or something forms around it to create these hairballs - some of which look like perfectly round stones.

8 legged cow - parasitic twin strikes again!

Did you say Bezoars and 8 legged cows!?! One of the many stuffed animals on display. They even have an ox and a bear eating a cheetah.

Inside the Mt. Angel Abbey Library designed by Alvar Aalto - he even designed the furniture and light fixtures.

I liked that in the rare and special collections room I found "The Complete Far Side - works by Gary Larson" sitting next to a 200 year old book on the characters of Shakespeare!

After the Abbey we headed to Mt. Angel for lunch — getting a Ruben at the Glockenspiel Restaurant and Pub. At 1:00 the big clock opens its door for a performance of rotating characters ending with two kids swinging to a rendition of Edelweiss! We watched it with a bike gang that came roaring through town just to see it. Tough guys.

Glockenspiel Restaurant and Pub with show clock.

Next stop was to The Oregon Garden where entrance fees were waved in celebration of earth day. The garden is still young but pretty…I look forward to seeing how it develops in 10, 20+ years.

Water features and sculpture at the Oregon Gardens

We wandered around for a bit and I realized I left my credit card at the big clock so while back in Mt. Angel we grabbed a beer at Mt. Angel Sausage Company which has a great deck patio and good Spaten Lager.

Prost!! Oh that glowing thing? That be the sun

At last it was time to head to our cabin at Silver Falls State Park to BBQ, drink a cold beer and play some dominoes. Later in the night we built a fire, listened to old honky tonk tunes and looked for meteor showers. This is the life.

These little cabins are some of the best deals in Oregon. The park system here is impressive. What is that face? Charles does not like getting his picture taken.

Winding down the day with dominoes, Ft. George, fire. Sigh-smile.