Garden Updates

by Rainbow Bobbins

Square Foot Garden over haul

Time to overhaul the Square Foot Garden. Char helped me dig up the beds and amend the soil. We planted potatoes, lettuce and onions. The strawberry bed was super compacted so we broke up the plants, refreshed the soil and replanted the old strawberries. Then a cat came and did its business…grrr..I need a dog. And some netting. For the third bed I am removing all of the herbs and the whole bed will be dedicated to tomatoes. Yum.

I replanted pots on the porch and started the begonias in the beds and hanging baskets. Charles asked me to make a honey badger in my ceramics class -- that animal there is the end don't care

These are no palm olive hands. Painting my nails while BBQing in the yard. They look cute with the tulips.