Silver Falls, OR Road Trip > Day 2

by Rainbow Bobbins

Waterfall #1 on our Silver Falls tour

On Sunday we woke up and had a leisurely camp breakfast with pancakes and coffee. We packed up the gear and headed over to the trailhead for the Silver Falls 10 Fall loop. I still have a lot of territory to explore in the PacificNW but I think this is one of the loveliest easy hikes in the area. It is about 7 miles and in that stretch you see 10 impressive waterfalls. One disclaimer – on a nice day this trail is packed! If you camp on site you can hike it at night — not allowed but it is possible and tons of fun — or you can wake up really early and hit the trail before they let day hikers in the parking lot.

Trail along the river

Through the trees

Hmm.. too much time in the woods and you end up mossy and looking like someone who shops at Hot Topic

Looking up a fern wall

Many wildflowers starting to pop out...this is a trillium I think

Sweet purple flowers

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