To Do > Oregon Potter Association Showcase

by Rainbow Bobbins

This weekend is the Oregon Potter Association’s Showcase at the Portland Convention Center. Lovely stuff but I was starting to get a bit bored of bowls until I came across the high school section which was wacky, fun and full o’ talent. There is also wood, metal and glass work at the show with gems in all trades. Ceramics side note:  Have you seen Beth Cavener Sticher’s stuff? – holy mud making – she is a badass – featured in a recent Seattle show which i missed.

Goofy totem from Bruce Fontaine

Scot Cameron Bell — I’m always drawn to this potter’s booth – great colors and textures. I will definitely purchase a vase or something one of these days.

When I saw this I was so happy I came to the show. This is from the high school section – “Homer: The philosopher and the Simpson” by Ales Ball. LOVE IT

“Letter of a fallen female war hero” by Annelis Cowan – another great high school entry.

Maya Lall – Japanese Mythology. High school entry ?painting on ceramic slab? Not sure but I really like it.