Sunday Stroll > Horsetail Falls

by Rainbow Bobbins

Several options…I will return to do some more exploring

This past sunny Sunday we took a stroll in the gorge around Horsetail Falls. We intended to hike Triple Falls but got off course. Horsetail Falls hike is easy, beautiful and has some amazing views of deep gorges, river vistas, waterfalls, dripping fern walls. On a warm day there are lots of spots to cool off including the part of the trail that takes you behind ponytail waterfall. The trail is crowded on a nice weekend day – best to go early or during the week if you seek solitude. We hung out in the Gorge for a few hours then headed back to town for grilling and corn hole at  Sarah and PO’s. I smell summer – yay!

Along the trail

The first waterfall of the day

Bridges and Switch Backs. If you turned the camera around you would be looking at a deep narrow gorge that heads towards the Columbia River.

View from the top – Looking at Washington across the river and the east view of the Columbia

Waterfall from behind – I think this is pony tail falls. Nice spot to cool off