Road Trip > Cape Disappointment & Astoria

by Rainbow Bobbins

Friday night camp at Cape Disappointment next to the lake.

Friday at 1:00pm I called Charles to ask him to pack up my toothbrush and bikini along with all the camping gear and pick me up at 5:00 on the dot from work. Still in work dress and high heels we headed west for the coast. Awesome overnight trip. I looooooooove this area. Here is a rundown:

Waikiki Beach at Cape Disappointment – amazing collection of wood washes up here. The place is often covered in sea wood forts and shelters

Friday night camp at Cape Disappointment next to the lake. Up early Saturday for coffee, pack up the tent and chill at Waikiki Beach which we had all to ourselves. Great swim spot when it is hot out – rare for this neck of the woods. We headed over to a short hike past Dead Man’s Cove and up to the Cape Disappointment lighthouse.

Dead Man’s Cove

The lighthouse – this is the area where Lewis and Clark first met the Pacific.

Hungry by this point, we headed South over the Astoria–Megler Bridge to Astoria where we stood in line for some yum-o fish and chips sold out of an old boat at the Bow Picker. We set up our lawn chair and watched the Coast Guard Demonstrate Rescue missions at the Maritime Museum.

Captain Yum Times at the Bow Picker in Astoria

Simple menu – yum or more yum

We had many more adventures this day….TO BE CONTINUED…..