Scenes From the Commute > Friday Walk to Work

by Rainbow Bobbins

Last Friday was a walk-to-work morning. 5 miles on foot and the last mile on the MAX due to time constraints. This time I decided to walk the Going Street bike commute route to Mississippi Street, through the inner NE side industrial area then catching the MAX off of Interstate. Some clips from the commute:

Cute little cat woman mug with succulents in a yard off of Going Street

Pretty sidewalk scape in front of a cool old house on Going Street


Sunlan Lighting storefront on Mississippi – the legendary-ily oddball light bulb store that has been here for years before this stretch was hip.

Freemont Bridge taken from the NE Industrial area under the 405 crossing

Passing the 24 Hour Church of Elvis on my way to work

Lovely walk – hoping to do that a few times this week -just in time for another work commute challenge