Road Trip > Cape Disappointment & Astoria > Part 2

by Rainbow Bobbins

The coast guard had working ships on display. One of the ships had a large golden marijuana leaf on its mast – in the guard you earn this when you bust over 1 million pounds of marijuana. Wowzas. SS Buzz Kill. har har.

SATURDAY PART TWO: It turns out the Maritime Museum was free on Saturday to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Highly recommend this museum if you are a history or nautical buff. We got to board and tour the Columbia – an old coast guard lighthouse boat that used to be parked 5 miles off shore.

Old working dive suit

Back out into the sun we headed up, up, up the spiral staircase of the Astoria Column with balsam wood glider planes. Once at the top we had 360 degree views on a gorgeous day – we threw our planes off the top of the tower and watched them spiral down over the town.

Astoria Column!!

View from the top looking South

Looking North East over the town of Astoria, OR

In the afternoon we headed South to Young Creek Falls to hang by the river

Young Creek Falls


Finally on the way home we stopped by Jewell Meadows Wildlife viewing area but only saw one large bee.

So Green

For Part One click HERE. For other ideas of things to do in the area check out these entries: Long Beach Discovery Trail; Long Beach and Oysterville. I still have a lot of exploring to do in this area…any suggestions?