Sunday Parkways > NE PDX

by Rainbow Bobbins

Shaved Ice and tire pump pit stop

This Sunday something like 25,000 bikers came out to ride 8 miles through NE Portland on roads that were closed down to traffic for the day. This is part of the Sunday Parkways series that will take place throughout the summer. We bbqed and watched the riders come by in waves.

Ah ya, get the grill out. It is a wee little grill but it is portable and does the job.

And some tunes from the ’98 boom box with ipod tape adapter. Word!

And make some corn salad alfresco – recipe below

KnorQ’s Grilled Corn Salad Recipe:

Dressing: some olive oil, lime juice, a teaspoon maybe more of sugar, black pepper, a dash of soy sauce and if you like it add some mustard that has the mustard seed. Mix and set aside.

Take the husk off the corn and place the ear directly on hot grill along with poblano chilies and/or yellow, green, red bell peppers. Corn can be slightly charred in sections, peppers can be really charred. Let the peppers cool then peel off the skin, de-seed and chop to bits. Cut corn off ear and throw the kernels into bowl with peppers. From here you can add basil or cilantro; i like to add red onion. Arugula or mache(? that lettuce stuff) is really good mixed in too. Add dressing, mix, salt to taste and enjoy. One of my favorite summer salads.