Road Trip > New Mexico > Santa Fe > Day One

by Rainbow Bobbins

I will have to return to explore treasures in Santa Fe. I stayed at the Bobcat Inn which is located just out of town and has really good breakfast.

Bedroom at the Bobcat Inn

Bobcat Breakfast — YUM.

I spent the first day in town exploring the plaza, visiting the Loretto Chapel, the Indian artisans at the Palace of the Governors & the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. After a while at the Plaza I felt a little shopped/toursited-out …amazing, expensive, touristy jewelry and trinkets ad nauseum

The Loretto Chapel staircase built by St. Joseph…or some french carpenter dude.

You can rent this van for tours of Santa Fe – awesome open air gold van with serape interior

In the early afternoon I made my way to 10,000 Waves and had a full on spa day (a first for me). What a treat this place is! I had a tub to soak in followed by a massage and salt scrub. This place runs like clockwork…I was impressed. The also have a digital toilet with a hot bidet and built in fan. Fancy times!

Soaking Tub at 10,000 Waves

After the spa I continued driving up into the Santa Fe National Forest to watch the sun set. Next time I visit I’m camping here — I did not expect the Aspen and pine forest after miles and miles of brown dusty shrub lands – Lovely.

Santa Fe National Forest – Looking out over town

Sunset next to some graffiti aspens

Back at the B&B I read Hunger Games and went to bed blissfully early and very thankful.