Taos > Airborn!

by Rainbow Bobbins

I’ve wanted to go up in a hot air balloon for a long time…I’ve been to a few hot air balloon shows over the past few years but have never been aboard. On my final day in New Mexico I signed up with Pueblo Balloon to go for a lift over and into the Rio Grande Gorge. Ed, our pilot, and the staff were great.

They picked me up at 5:30am by the time we got to the launch site the sun was on its way up.

Fans: initiate inflations. Roger That.

Quick jump in the wicker basket!  Seriously it is like a larger version of the baskets you see at Home Goods that are suppose to hold towels and smelly soaps.

Another balloon out for a float over the river gorge

These things make us go up and down-ish. I was surprised how little control we had as in pilot quote “hmm…I guess the wind will be taking us North” at the same time we didn’t run into the side of the gorge and landed very smoothly.

Shadow and balloon down the gorge

We go right down into the gorge…nearly touched the water

Top of balloon from the inside looking up

Small Adobe homes?