Rose Festival 2012 > Big Boats, Dragon Boats, lots of Floats

by Rainbow Bobbins

The parents visited during Rose Festival — it was so great to see them. We checked out the battleships docked along the Willamette River waterfront. Back on land we attended a watch party for the Rose Parade – watching the floral floats, high school bands and clowns cross the Burnside Bridge.  Up river a bit we caught the dragon boat finals. In the afternoon we stopped by Gartner’s Meat Market and headed home to cook up some chops and steaks. Lovely weekend! No pics from parade (here’s some from last year) but I got some pics of boats:

USS Dewey to the right – guided missile destroyer

Sailor and Big Pink – aboard USS Dewey

Downtown PDX Waterfront taken from big battle boat

Guns. Big gold-tipped Guns.

Speaking of style, check out this cute crew

We arrived just in time for the 4:50pm Sunday BBQ meat rush – great old school butcher shop