Road Trip > Gifford Pinchot National Forest, WA

by Rainbow Bobbins

This past weekend Charlie and I headed back to the Peterson Prairie Guard Station in the Indian Haven area of Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington. VERY relaxing weekend, I put together a list of hikes in the area and we did NONE of them. Instead we ate snack plates, played dominoes, built fires, watched for woodpeckers, killed giant flying ants and lounged. It was LOVELY. This place is special. I will get back for hikes – so much to do in Indian Haven – including some good huckleberry pick’ns come July.

We arrived at the guard station late on Friday night

We set up a fire, snack plate and dominoes – standard wilderness operation

Pancakes and eggs next to the tipi

Hello Mt. Adams

Did I mention that I got a cat hat?

We spotted many a bird but were especially thrilled to see these woodpeckers. One morning– I thought someone was banging on the door of the cabin. Nah, just the woodpeckers trying to get at giant flying ants on the roof.