Square Foot Garden Update

by Rainbow Bobbins

Despite neglect and lack of sun light the square foot garden seems to be off to a decent start. The strawberry plants were broken up and replanted so they have not been as productive this year – but they do have their own 4×4 bed now. I am looking forward to a few handfuls of baby purple potatoes very soon – they are sharing a bed with scallions, lettuce and kale.  The outlook is not great for the kale. The lavender and craz-o oregano and thyme were relocated at the beginning of the season to the flower bed making way for more scallions and 4 tomato plants. Not bad for 12×4 ft…remains to be seen what will be harvested but I am really looking forward to fresh tomatoes and pretty purple potatoes.

Tomato bed in the foreground – I’m hoping the nasturtiums I planted will grow up the PVC pea poles (in the back beds)

Go potatoes! Kale…give me a break. I thought kale was easy to grow.

BTW — I like how bacon bowl is growing in. It looks sweet