Quilt update > Stichted

by Rainbow Bobbins

Sloooowly but surely the quilt is coming together. First I dyed the fabric. Then cut the shapes. Now the shapes are stitched. It is a far cry from my Brian Wildsmith inspiration picture. I missed the random watercolor quality by a long shot and landed, it appears, on an Easter basket but I have enjoyed the process. I’m a bit unsure about next steps. I did buy a soft, felty back piece with a neony green checkered pattern…now I need to figure out how to attach it with the batting(?) in the middle and strips on the side. Oh yeah, and eventually I will have to quilt the whole shebang together. Mom help! Progress:

Quilt top in the shade

Close up of very janky stitches

I do like all the colors…those are leaves, not eggs BTW.

Quilt top in the sun – in need of iron

Brian Wildsmith inspiration picture…not even close.