Acquisition > Guy Maccoy

by Rainbow Bobbins

After glow by Guy Maccoy —  (not my print)

I recently stumbled upon the work of Guy Maccoy – I’m very fond of his palette, technique and landscapes. I cruised ebay and found a print (signed but unverified) by Guy for $50. Guy is known for pioneering the serigraph process – he was working from the WPA era right through to the late 70s – often with his wife, Geno Pettit. The print I found is about 20″x15″ and has “Two Green Birds” written on the back. It is very PDX put-a-bird-on-it…it has a few paint smears and moisture spots and says something about being from 1943. Now I need to frame and figure out where it should hang.

The e-bay print:

Is it real? Who knows? This is what I scored off ebay.  Framing to follow

A landscape from Guy Maccoy

Another Maccoy bird print from Guy’s official website