Good Bye Orangey!

by Rainbow Bobbins

Well, this could be premature but I just posted my Aquarium for sale on Craigslist. (updated – Sold to a 5th grader 🙂 I’ve kept fish for 5 years and Orangey, my bristlenose albino pleco, has been with me the entire time. This 30 gallon tank is the last of what was 110 gallon fish empire. I really enjoyed aquascaping and fish keeping for about 4.5 years…not so much in the last 6 months. I’m ready to move on to a new hobby and maybe a land-dwelling pet…alpaca maybe? Hmm…chickens are a possibility, definitely want a dog one day when my life allows me to be a good, attentive dog mom. I’ve included some pics of the tank so I can revisit the memories down the road…you can see I’ve fallen off the tank-maintenance wagon. It will be nice to have the extra space in the kitchen and…if all goes well…it will be nice not to have to move it in case certain forces come together for us in the next month and we find ourselves in a new place. Fingers crossed. Now to find a good home for Orangey….

Here’s how it was looking in ’09 > When I cared