Square Foot Garden > Purple Potatoes

by Rainbow Bobbins

In preparation of the possibility of moving at the end of the month we decided to harvest the purple potatoes we planted in early April. I love harvesting potatoes. It is like digging for little treasures — the take was looking a little paltry at first (think marbles) but we finally dug up some decent sized nuggets. These purple potatoes are gorgeous but once we cooked, mashed, roasted them the flavor was not great. Mashed they looked very strange, they tasted slightly better roasted. I think I will go with a less exotic potato variety next year. We pulled some onions and lettuce as well. I’m hoping to transplant the tomatoes and strawberries to our new garden if all goes according to plan.

Garden goodies. Those rock-looking things are potatoes

The tomato plants are just starting to produce. I hope they survive the move

Purple mashed potatoes. Appetizing, no?

I have quite a few flowering plants that need to be dug up for the move. sigh.