Moving > Little moments

by Rainbow Bobbins

It will be another week or so before stuff really starts coming off the walls and shelves but I can’t help but take pictures of little scenes and discoveries as I purge closets and think about packing up the place:

Discovery: Little clown picture

The painting below was done in a couple of hours when I wanted to hang something on the wall in the bedroom my parents were staying in. I tried to replicate a nice bird illustration from Michelle at United Thread on Etsy.  I need to buy the real deal which is 1000% better but this was a good 5ft wall decor solution in a pinch. This is getting painted over soon – for the new place. It is drippy (hung before drying) and I did not have time to paint bird eyeballs. Next painting I have to use my own imagination.

Scene from the wall: Copy cat Emergency painting inspired by Michelle of Unitedthread on Etsy

Scene from the Fridge: Pentax pic of The Alibi with Santa Cruz magnet from Lizzy G. xoxo

Scene from the closet: Cat Hat with a favorite pic from National Geographic

Scene from the corner: Living room doo-dads

Scene from the sleeping quarters

The headboard above is my first hand built piece of furniture. Yea, those boards that were screwed together on the wall all loosey goosey? That is my work. Someone get me a tool belt.