Moving > Music Memory

by Rainbow Bobbins

I think Court included “I’m writing a letter to daddy” from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane on that holiday mixed CD. Awwww….

I have been in my current place for nearly 7 years. Craz-o. I have never lived anywhere as an adult for so long!! In fact that is almost half of my “adult” lifespan. Anyhoo…although it is not entirely set in stone…there is a good chance we are moving at the end of August. I am excited and anxious and  I have started to go through the drawers & closets to clean stuff out. When I first arrived here I didn’t even have a mattress and everything I owned was moved in one trip with a Chevy Tahoe and a Toyota Corolla. I had a desk and some clothes and that was it. Now every nook and cranny is filled…not out of control filled but cupboard-full-of-towels filled. I went through a drawer full of  old CDs…I found it very nostalgic in that weird sad, happy, fun, memory-mix way. Music is such an amazing chronicle of various stages in life. Bands that you were in to and went to see over the years, songs & albums that became stand-bys. Music used to be so much harder to come by. I remember meeting up with music collectors from craigslist so we could swap/burn/copy someone’s entire music collection in one fell swoop or even earlier on- standing around the record store listening to new cds to see if you wanted to shell out the dough to buy it. Over the weekend I cleaned out a bunch of mixed CDs that people had made me/I made myself over the years…some dating back to the very late 90s! I don’t even remember being able to burn/copy CDs then. I even came across some mixed tapes. Part of me wants to hold on to many memory-evoking tunes. But CDs are outdated…its like having photographs on a floppy disk. I have them now in the cloud. I’m tossing the CDs out, updating my itunes, and clearing the path for the future. do-dee-do-dee-doooo!