Bikes, Bands and Dahlias

by Rainbow Bobbins

On Sunday pedaled a portion of the Sunday Parkways in SE Portland. This involved riding up Mt. Tabor which was hard because I haven’t touched a bike since riding 80+ Miles on one Sunday last October (funny, there were dahlias on that trip too). My biking legs are a bit out of shape but  it just feels so good and so free and so right to be back on a bike. Here comes your girl – on wheels. Except for the part on Mt. Tabor which made me feel a little pukey. On the other side of tabor was a rad brother-boy band doing covers of Pink Floyd and the like called “Boys without Toys”. This ride was also the first time exploring various routes in my new ‘hood. While pedaling about I rolled past this little treasure: Old House Dahlia. Back at home I read the Oregonian and discovered they had just been featured in an article. You can visit Old House Dahlia to shop and pre-order tubers for spring. It is lovely.

Old House Dahlia

Might order some of these tubers

Big Pink

My trusty wheels and the dahlia guard dog