Labor Day > Loving it

by Rainbow Bobbins

I had an extra good time Labor Day weekend. I took a couple of days off work to celebrate and my lovely friends Meagan and Isa came up to visit from Berkeley. The weekend went like this:
Friday: Picked up the girls from the airport. Breakfast at local favorite Tasty n Son’s. Meagan’s friends got us passes to the Nike Employee Store where we bought 6 pairs of shoes between the three of us. Dinner on the front patio under the full moon at The Observatory.

Full moon at The Observatory

Next morning Isa made breakfast and we headed to the Golden Door on Hawthorne where the ladies scored on awesome bling.

Meagan and her new glowing bling from Golden Door

We met up with Krista, Donald and Andrew for some Jet boating on the Willamette River and went to Green Dragon for beers afterwards.

Jet boat – before getting completely soaked

followed by yum-o sammys from Lardo, chocolate and Ruffles cupcakes from Sugar Cube and more beers from The Beer Mongers.

Andrew, Krista, Isa, Meagan at Lardo

We went for a walk afterwards around Ladd’s Addition and ended with a quiet night at home watching Beverly Hills Cop.

Ladd’s Addition area-ish banana

In the morning we got up very slow and lazy like and headed to Freddy Meyers for sandwiches and to scope their floaty selection. We met back up with Krista, Donald, Brad and Andrew to float the Clackamas River from McIver to Barton Park (about 8 river miles I think). Meg was hilarious in her tiny innertube – such a badass taking the rapids on in that very unstable craft. We were cracking up the whole float. We hit land ho at 6pm and headed home for showers and to pretty up before going out on the town. We met back up with the group at Huber’s for their kick ass happy hour and did some bar hopping to Shanghai Tunnel, Kelly’s Olympian, Momos before hitting up Voodoo at 3am for the obligatory tourist doughnut.

Good Times

I had so much fun with Meagan and Isa – they are beautiful women inside and out!

Can’t wait to see these ladies again!