Squiggles! > A study in suspension

by Rainbow Bobbins

In my community college beginner ceramics class I’ve been exploring mobile construction. You know those hanging things with the different doodads often found above baby cribs? Well I made an prototype for a mobile inspired by Squiggles! The early version was birthed about the same time as bacon bowl but was never fired and eventually disintegrated into cat turd looking mush.
Last month I made a new version that was more dimensional and fired it up. I had some issues glazing the pieces – essentially there was noway of laying them on the kiln floor with out getting the glaze stuck and I didn’t want to buy props.

Fired Squiggles! with remnants of glaze removed

Soooo…I ended up spray painting them silver – now they look like they are made out of aluminum foil which overall would be way easier.

Silver? Really?

I strung the pieces together with heavy weight fishing line and silver crimp beads. I don’t love it but it is getting closer to my squiggle vision. It is out back hanging from a fir tree but in the spring I think it will look good in the garden and might scare away some berry-eating birds with its shininess.

Not quite right but….getting there

Difficult to photograph but you get the idea. Back to the studio to make more clay snakes.