Project > Basement Office

by Rainbow Bobbins

Basement Office Inspiration

Office in the works – perhaps with some elements inspired by the items above. For now it looks like this:

We’ve been in our new place for 3 weeks. It is time to start dabbling in home improvements. This is one of the basement rooms that has good lighting from egress windows and  lovely carpet. I want it to be my very stylish, cozy, fresh, inspiring, very inexpensively outfitted office. To start I ripped out the floor boards, sanded the wood wall and prepped for painting. I’m thinking slightly glossy very white walls. Much more to do. Along the way I made some fun discoveries.

A. Random picture of  girl under the floorboard dated 2012. B. Space scene wallpaper under the floorboards  from the 60s or 70s?? The house was built in 1955. You can see the beauty of those carpets close up in that picture. Eh. I’m trading them in for the dark wood Tundra faux floors from Ikea. More to come.