Portland > Parental Visitations

by Rainbow Bobbins

The folks came to visit and see the new house. So great to see them. Here is a rundown of the itinerary: Thursday they arrived we hit Bridgeport Brewpub to sit outside for happy hour. After a couple of beers we went to watch the Vaux Swifts swarm and fight off hawks at Chapman School.

Me and Charles posing for parental paparazzi – where are my pics of the folks??

On Friday morning  we had breakie at Bar Carlo (meh) then headed out to Swan Island Dahlias to see fields of beautiful blooms. Flowers were followed by a short hike to Butte Creek Falls (second visit), then to Mt. Angel for Oktoberfest.

Swan Island Dahlias

Fields of them

Butte Creek Falls

Mt. Angel is a Bavarian? German? -inspired town with a big clock and lots of sausage. For Oktoberfest men wear shorts and suspenders, the downtown closes, beer halls open and fondue, wiener wursts and spatzle are sold on the streets.  Gute Zeiten!

Big Clock and probably some random lederhosen

Saturday we trekked down to Autzen Stadium at 8:30am to watch the Ducks demolish Tennessee Tech. Back in PDX we stopped by a new favorite cart La Cocina de Chepe for El Salavadorian tamales and papusas that are VERY VERY GOOD. Definitely going back. Que Rico.

Go Ducks!

Papusa de loroco – me like-o

Tuckered out we returned home to talk and read our way through the second Sherlock Homes movie starring Downy Jr. and Sherlock’s lover, Dr. Holmes,  played by Jude Law. Yawn. Sunday was a mellow day roaming around Portland’s Saturday Market craft fair. We wrapped it up with a very good dinner at Ned Ludd on MLK. This place looks really PDX-cool (i.e. hipstery nw lumberjack) inside. Our food was tasty – whole, wood-fired trout, tomato salad, Hen Love noodle dish (recommended).

Yes, I did download Darkroom on my phone. Balloon man at Saturday Market

Ned Ludd Restaurant behind the curtain, with phone filters.

pretty, yummy

I really, really loves these people:

The tall one in the hat and the shorter blonde. Why is this the only picture of them that ended up on my phone?? I’ll get a better one off my camera. 🙂