Basement Office > Progress

by Rainbow Bobbins

Blah. No work getting done in here

The overhaul of the office is in progress. We last left it with sanded wood paneling and dirty blue carpet. Since then I ripped out the floor boards, gave the walls a couple of coats of slightly shiny white paint and sliced out the blue shag.

Getting better with a coat of paint

Carpet gone…smell ya later

I also ordered a lovely carpet from ebay which arrived today from Turkey. Yay! Great price and the colors and quality are way better than I anticipated.

Kilim and Cicim (embroidery) rug, with natural dyes from Denizli. So they say. So pretty.

Next up: Tundra floors from Ikea, finish painting walls, paint dabs on some canvas, curb score furniture (if lucky), base boards, maybe some brass bookends as referenced in my inspiration board, (updated here), some sort of plant life, a reading corner. Then a whole lotta typey typey worky worky.