Eva Zeisel > Za, za, zoom

by Rainbow Bobbins

On ebay for a few hundred: Eva Zeisel for Nihon Koshitsu Toki Company. Pretty

Cheesy title. I stumbled across some dishes I like but could not afford while trolling ebay – the designer was noted as Eva Zeisel. I put her name in the google and ebay machines. Wow…what a woman. I dig her design. She passed in 2011 but lived an interesting and accomplished life having been born into a family of smarties, traveled in Germany and Russia, jailed by Stalin, barely fleeing the Nazis, married in England, working for all sorts of ceramic companies in US…All this from Wiki. I did find this site, Ampersand Vintage Modern, which provides a more well rounded look at her design work. Here’s a bit of what caught my eyes on the ebays:

Eva kiid plate for a couple thou on ebay

Look at Eva’s room dividers. Don’t they remind you of a certain beginner ceramics class mobile attempt? No? Hmm.. back to the potter’s wheel. Image from http://standardculture.com

There are many cool designs to check out – put her name in the googles and explore. Nice discovery.