Spontaneous Thrifting Adventure BBQ

by Rainbow Bobbins

We had a fun bbq this weekend with many great friends. Before the bbq I was thinking we might be short on chairs and swung by the local Goodwill where I found two lowboy folding lawnchairs – pretty much exactly what I was looking for and good for future use at summer concerts. Other Goodwill scores include:

Smallish crochet picnic blanket with great colors -$3

And a large crochet picnic blanket with rainbow colors to match $4

‘Cause you know I won’t be crocheting no blanket myself. And…a little something to match the blankets:

$12 night stand. Not sure how long it will stay this color but it came with ornate gold pulls. BTW…look how dry it is in western Oregon right now!

Weird pink kick happening. My new rug is temporarily in our very plain living room giving it a bit more dimension for now until it goes to the basement.

Eventually I will try and get all artsycrafty and give this room some love. Or at least a coat of paint.

Another side note: As we were picking up the house after the barbeque we started finding miniature animals throughout the house. Some of them in scandalous interspecies poses:

What in the world?

Naughty treasure hunt house warming gift! Love my friends!