Mini road trip > Bamboo

by Rainbow Bobbins

We took a short road trip to Bamboo Garden Nursery just outside of North Plains Oregon. This garden is an unexpected oasis…beautiful acres of bamboo of all varieties. We got a personalized tour from Andy on his golf cart. We headed out there in search of a green screen solution for our backyard. The neighbors are nice but I don’t want to see them so big changes are in store for the backyard. More to come.

After the Bamboo Garden we headed to Jackpot Records where Jeff the Brotherhood put on a short show. Good stuff. We roamed around downtown for a bit then headed over to Andy and Chrisit’s for a bday party complete with tarot card readings in the basement. Nice weekend.

Speaking of the backyard… I planted 45 tulip bulbs on Sunday then made chicken soup and watched Downton Abbey while it poured rain outside. I’m wild.

Check out Bamboo Gardens…it feels like a semi-secret jungle place.