The Debut of Face Pot v.2

by Rainbow Bobbins

Face Pot Volume II has been released from the flaming kilns of Community College beginner ceramics class. I hereby present to you:


Face Pot v.2 differs from v.1 in that I had only 30min to make clay face-ish forms and slap some engobe on top. Despite all the rushing I was still unable to fill the cracks in with an underglaze and get it in for a second fire. I had ambitious plans for a cool looking pot. Oh well. Next semester perhaps. Although it has a Halloween vibe, I’m going for more of spring look and planted it with tulips.

Come spring this pot will burst with tulips and those strange grimaces will look like smiles.

For now Face Pot 2 joins other beginner ceramics class creations under the fir tree where they will not be mocked by friends who come over for BBQ.

Face pot 1, honey badger, bacon bowl & FP2 – faces only a mother could love