PDX Rambles > Canby, OR

by Rainbow Bobbins

Driving through Oregon City on our way to Canby

Rambles are not quite road trips -they fall in the excursions, wanderings, aimless drives category and are not far from homebase. Saturday after coffee we suited up for the Canby Farm Loop ramble. This drive covers several wineries, family farms and nurseries in a sweet countryside setting. We had the best intentions but only made one stop before “exploring” Canby’s dry, warm movie theater (Argo = good). Ha! It was a low energy day due to rain and lack of sleep. The one pit stop we snuck in along the loop was The Secret Garden Growers. Lovely nursery & grounds. I saw many plants that I wanted to take home — I am trying to hold off until the garden beds are prepped. This will be a long process. No harm in window shopping in the meantime. Here are some pics from the drive out to Canby and the gardens.

Welcome to Secret Garden Growers

Wowzas! Someone tell me what these plants are. Is that a fothergilla? Check out the color gradation on the plant in front of the red tree/shrub

The sign said this is polemonium caeruleum “white shoulders” or according to my googlings it is also called “Jacob’s ladder”. It would look awesome next to my future fothergilla. Right?

Check out the Canby Farm Loop website for an interactive map and more information about the stops along the route.

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Cruising past Oregon City Industrial