Basement Office > a bit ‘o progress

by Rainbow Bobbins

It has taken 4 months to get half of the baseboards installed in the basement office. 4 months and some couples therapy. Ha! CP and I are not cut out for the DIY. I am looking forward to having an official workspace sometime in the next year or so. The good thing about our dragging-ass DIY effort is that I’ve had some time to accumulate a sorry lot of Goodwill thrift store finds that will furnish the space. Of course many of these items needs some….attention, which no doubt will extend the life of this project.
We started off with this:

Wood panel, beige walls, dirty blue pretty.

Wood panel, beige walls, dirty blue carpet…so pretty.

After ripping out the carpet, painting the entire space bright white, laying down Ikea Tundra flooring and getting halfway through installing baseboards it is looking like this:

Now this is a bit more refreshing.

Now this is a bit more refreshing.

Here are some dirt cheap ‘elements’ waiting in a wing of the basement to be freshened up and installed:



* The bamboo shoots to the left will be curtain rods – scored from Bamboo Gardens for $2
* The rug is what I got of ebay a while back
* Ottoman – $10 from a great thrift store in Salem – plan is to paint/make cushion
* Yellow cane chair – Gift from my awesome friend Heather before she moved to Michigan – Paint? Reupholster. Ha! That will not go well.
* Off White and Black chair – Heather found this next to dumpster – not sure what will happen to this thing. It will be the desk chair.
* Green face painting – I found this at a thrift store years ago…It is my favorite – it is going on the wall
* Brass bowl: $3 Goodwill – maybe fill with succulents?
* Face planter: $5 Goodwill – a little paint and a big plant
* Filing cabinets (2): I’ve had these for years – they will get a coat of paint and hold up the top of my desk (to be acquired)
* Mirror (not pictured): I got a great carved wood mirror ($20) from the Salem thrift – it will get freshened up and go on the wall
* Old Blue prints/Ariel shots: I plan to paint these – maybe Chinese Folk Art style? And if they turn out okay, they will go on the wall. I picked these up on our trip to Astoria, OR for 2 for $6 from Vintage Hardware 

I first started this project back in September. Geez…I am not the handy girl I pretend to be in my head. These projects always take more prep, problems and way more patience than I am willing to spare in my free time. I’ll be back in a year or so with pictures of the mostly-finished office.