Virtual Gardening > overboard

by Rainbow Bobbins


I was trying to visualize the left side of my yard after pulling out the Fastia Japonica and planting bamboo and some other wish-listed plants. I decided to cut and paste my plan in photoshop to see what it might look like. Ha! This took a re-donk amount of time and was not worth the effort but I will post it here so I can refer to it as I plan my garden (and compare it to the ‘after’ photos one day). And yes, this is probably a stupid mix of plants but I am new to gardening so I want to try everything!!!! Give me five more years with the back yard and I will be slightly more sophisticated and zone-savvy. In the meantime it is fun to experiment.

Plan for the left side:
1. Bamboo Fargesia robusta “Green Screen”
2. Smoke Bush – the purple kind
3. Hakone Grass
4. Torch Lily – Kniphofia
5. Echinacea
6. Heleniums
7. Oxalis triangularis – little purple shamrock looking plant (I purchased this recently)
8. Some thing orange and low growing like Coral Bells/Heuchera “Amber Waves”
9. Butterfly Bush – Already existing in the yard. An old one – over 14ft tall. I just learned that they are invasive here.
10. Fothergilla – I already have this plant
11. Canna Stuttgard
12 Not pictured: Clematis vine (one already in the ground, one to be purchased)

Here is what part of the side of the yard is looking like now:

Goodbye grass, hello bamboo and smoke bush

Goodbye grass, hello bamboo and smoke bush

It’s gonna get cray over ‘er. In a backyard garden sorta way.