Yard Update > Bloom’n

by Rainbow Bobbins

Sun, blooms, sprouts…there is some action in the yard.

Look at these lovelies

Look at these lovelies

I’m chitt’n some potatoes:


The first pea sprouts are coming up:


We moved into the house in late Fall – it is fun to see the surprise plants that emerge in spring like this patch of trillium:


Here is the vegetable garden a few weeks ago:


And here it is planted with new blueberry bushes, garlic, grape vines, the first carrots and beets (have not sprouted) along with sweet peas and shelling peas:


Those grave-looking patches are deep-dug potato beds. Here is another shot of how the garlic is doing. I’ve never grown garlic so I am not sure if this is a healthy rate of growth or if they are lagging behind – there were planted in October.


The forsythia is blooming – although not very vigorous – perhaps my experiments with the electric pruner were a bit overzealous.


I just planted canna lilies, torch lilies and clematis. The mystery hostas have started to emerge, rose bushes are leafing out, trillium is coming up in patches along with primrose, tulips and daffidols. Next up: bamboo! My idea of a good time.