Basement > Snail’s pace progress report

by Rainbow Bobbins

Almost there – ish. A quick rundown of items crossed off the list so I can feel accomplished: blue carpet removed, old (carpeted?) shelves removed, new faux wood floor installed, wood panel walls painted, baseboards installed. Actually not that different from my February update.
Basement iphone pic before:

basement b4

And now:


Now for the fun stuff: Rug, desk install along with curtains, wall art I made while watching The Tudors with a bottle of wine, a chair I am attempting to reupholster, a thrifted face planter that I painted like C3Po. Basically all the colorful shiny stuff I am drawn to that makes a room look really tacky. But it will beat that blue carpet. Here is a shot with some elements…more stuff in the works.


Two seasons of Tudors, zero art skills, one blue print from Vintage Hardware and a bottle of wine =


Busy, yes, but oddly soothing to paint.