Around the garden

by Rainbow Bobbins

Here is what is going on around the garden this week (aside from Tulips):

I mentioned how I am enjoying the surprises in the yard of our new (58 year old) house – this big patch of Trillium is gorgeous. And I think there is a Peony emerging! More on that in another post.


Beneath the Forsythia I planted Shirley Poppy seeds that I ordered from Swallowtail Garden Seeds. The package came with 23,000 (I think) tiny, tiny seeds. I mixed them with sand and sprinkled them around the forsythia a couple of weeks ago.


Seeds have sprouted:


Here is one of the mystery hostas I got off of Craigslist:



New plant acquisitions include ceanothus dark star (on the left), a new hosta and a heuchera (Coral Bells) on the right. TBD where they will root. Finally, below, I adjusted the hay lettering in my garden by tilling another row and adding a foot path. Nothing new planted other than some over-early plantings of nasturtium and sun flowers on the perimeter – feeling lucky. In the next few weeks the bush beans, chard and broccoli will go in along with second rounds of lettuce, radish, carrot, beets.


In the world of bulbs corms rhizomes and tubers I recently planted kniphofia, begonias, tall cannas, clematis. At the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon show I picked up some lilies from Judith at The Lily Garden. My Swan Island Dahlias order arrived this week as well. Being a new gardener is fun – I’m just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. I am, however, not allowed to purchase anymore plants for a while – aside from bamboo. And maybe some veggie starts. And I really want one more Japanese maple…hmm…