Veggie Garden Update

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN7590Okay. Those are not veggies. They are my tulips and I am obsessed. But if you look way to the back of my yard you can see the 25×31′ veggie patch in the distance.

DSCN7543Thar she is. I’m trying out straw for walking paths between the rows and I am feeling a little uneasy about all this hay/straw stuff that has started to sprout. Not what I’m trying to grow.

DSCN7640Here is the pea row. Planted in consecutive weeks starting in early March. The tallest are about 10 inches now. These are Serge peas from Territorial Seed Company where I try to get most of my seeds from.

DSCN7626This is a muscat grape that my co-worker Doug gave me. And behind it is the neighbor’s abandoned train track. These were transplanted in mid-March.

DSCN7546The garlic that we planted when we first moved in the house in October is starting to get some substantial greenery and the stalks are thickening up.

DSCN7559The lettuce is getting its first leaves. I planted Deer’s Tongue, some sort of red oak leaf and this pretty romaine called Flashy Trout’s Back

DSCN7561Sorrento Broccoli Raab – yum. I hope this grows.

DSCN7548Things are coming along in the potato graveyard. These German butterballs were planted a few weeks ago and I just did a planting of red potatoes. All from potato seed from Portland Nursery. Not pictured: the carrots and beets are both just getting their first leaves now. The sweet peas are very slooowly starting to emerge and grow. The blueberry bushes I got off Craigslist are planted but look a little rough – it will be a year or two before berries. This weekend I also planted broccoli and spinach starts. Oh yea, last weekend I started bush beans but nothing has emerged yet. I’ve planted sunflowers, nastertiums and clematis for color. It is going to be fun to watch the garden grow over the next few months.