Back in the Backyard

by Rainbow Bobbins


I love this stump – and that grass is the reason I want to rip out more lawn and put some of these grass babies in. Funny thing about the stump – it is completely and utterly infested with termites which swarmed this spring. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! All those letters = some sort of scream. Should I be scared? Will these guys start feasting on hundreds of feet of cedar siding that surrounds the house? What about the deck? This stump is 10ft from the deck. What should I do? Hmm….for now, I’m just pretending that I don’t know about the termite colony. Ugh. Let’s visit another part of the yard and forget this stump for now:


This picture is blurry but are these lilacs? I get this (lilac?) shrub confused with what I thought were butterfly bushes. The (lilac) shrub-tree has smoother leaves. Good smells. After quick googlings I say, yes, Lilac!


This bloom-puffy is from the neighbor’s yard but it hangs in mine so I’m claiming it – a big 7′ arching shrub with a bunch of these clusters. The flowers remind me of Lantana but as a large shrub…let me know if you know name of this shrub. I’ll try and post a pic of the whole plant.

DSCN7576I hacked this baby back in late February. It seems to be surviving. Yes! This will justify future plant hacking which I enjoy maybe even more than planting.

DSCN7577Signs of life coming from hostas transplanted from our last place.

DSCN7578New old-house surprise: I think these are peonies. Can’t wait for the blooms

DSCN7579I planted this Astilbe rhizome (or was it a tuber? I can’t remember) a few weeks ago.  I forget where I first saw these plants but Allen Becker’s blog post convinced me that I needed a few. Low maintenance with feathery flower thingies? Sold!

DSCN7585This is probably bad form but I could not help but sneak this pic in of the neighbors awesome reuse of and old metal jungle gym. It functions as an arbor and in the summer holds flowing baskets of begonias. I love it. That glass bottle sculpture is cool too.